Elite Squad

Mark’s passion is golf coaching, especially with a goal of developing golfers to elite performers. He set up the Elite Performance squad – a selection of Mark’s best Junior golfers that are currently in full time coaching programme with Mark.

He has enrolled a team of Mentors to help develop the players on all levels from the help of mobility coaches through to sports Psychologists and fitness and nutritional experts. Mark believes that it’s key having great mentors who are experts in their fields to help nurture the talent these players possess.

The squad meets once every 3-4 weeks and has had incredible success in its first year of running. With county caps, county wins, clubs championships and international honours, this is proof that Mark’s programme and philosophy works.

Zach Gould

Zach Gould

Mobility Coach


Mark Bull

Mark Bull

Golf Biomechanist


Session Photos & Videos


Teach to the Individual

We are all different, in every way from size and temperament to fitness and time schedules. My belief is that as a coach, you must tailor your coaching to suit the individual needs and goals of your pupil.


Looking at the Game as a Whole

It's important that we look at the whole picture when coaching. It's not all about technique - there are many other factors that affect performance, and this website will give you a brief insight into these factors.


Unlock Your Potential

Contact Mark or one of his Accredited Professionals to start your programme of development. Remember, Mark’s coaching is suitable for all standards of golfers who want real term development NOT the dreaded ‘quick fix’ coaching!!

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