Mark Govier's Elite Golf Coach - Machynys Golf Academy

Welcome to Mark Govier's Elite Golf Coach website. This website is for your use, to learn more about the Elite Golf Coach philosophy on golf coaching.


The website will offer a wide range of benefits, from information on tuition tariffs and special offers through to monthly postings of useful tips and drills. These will help you reach your golfing potential.


The founder of the Elite Golf programme is Mark Govier. Mark is renowned as a top class golf coach with golfers of all abilities from beginners to professionals coming from all over the UK for coaching sessions.


Mark is the Head Professional at Machynys Peninsular Golf and Country Club and runs the Golf Academy which is a Centre of Excellence for Wales. This facility allows Mark to offer his pupils the finest surroundings for coaching.


Mark's theory in teaching is to "teach to the individual". We are all different, in every way from size and temperament to fitness and time schedules. My belief is that as a coach, you must tailor your coaching to suit the individual needs and goals of your pupil.


I have been coaching for over 15 years and have coached a wide range of golfers of varying abilities, from beginners to elite players at both amateur and professional levels. I have used these experiences to great effect, to help nurture my pupils to reach their golfing goals. I have achieved this through looking at the game as a whole; it is important that we look at the whole picture when coaching. It's not all about technique - there are many other factors that affect performance, and this website will give you a brief insight into these factors.


I hope that you enjoy the website and that you will book a coaching session to learn more and work towards achieving your "golfing potential".






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