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Mark Govier is one of the country’s top coaches with a outstanding record of developing players of all abilities from beginners through to elite athletes at both international and professional level.

Mark has been the Head Professional and Director of Instruction at Machynys, a National Centre of Excellence since 2012. During this time he has established a thriving coaching programme and stable of players with particular success with elite players and junior development.

It is for this reason that Mark has now opened his Elite Golf Coach Academy at Machynys. This means that Mark has Accredited PGA Professionals coaching his method and ethos with players of all abilities and a thriving junior programme devised by Mark and the GUW with over 100 children participating weekly.

If you want to unlock your potential then contact Mark or one of his Accredited Professionals to start your programme of development.








Teach to the Individual

We are all different, in every way from size and temperament to fitness and time schedules. My belief is that as a coach, you must tailor your coaching to suit the individual needs and goals of your pupil.


Looking at the Game as a Whole

It's important that we look at the whole picture when coaching. It's not all about technique - there are many other factors that affect performance, and this website will give you a brief insight into these factors.


Unlock Your Potential

Contact Mark or one of his Accredited Professionals to start your programme of development. Remember, Mark’s coaching is suitable for all standards of golfers who want real term development NOT the dreaded ‘quick fix’ coaching!!