Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual session with Elite Golf Coach's Mark Govier, one of the country's leading coaches utilising the world's best technology and coaching methods.

Online Coaching Programmes

Online coaching programmes are available for clients who want to learn and develop via an online platform. Mark offers varying packages from one-off detailed reviews through to high-performance holistic programmes.



Individual Sessions

2 hours: $400.00

All sessions include Trackman technology of all swing ball and clubs data, including high speed camera footage, HD report with audio and footage of the session highlighting development points.

The sessions will be based around helping you reach your peak performance through building the layers in skill building practice methods, sports psychology, fitness and nutrition.


On-Course Performance Sessions

2 hours: $400.00
4 hours: $800.00

During this session we will look at technical aspects but mainly this is a tactical and mental session looking at how to maximise your scoring. Report of session and main focus points including videos.

CAPTO Putt Session

1 hour: $200.00

This session is more than your average putting session. We will look at perception points (where you see a straight line) then using lasers we will look at face alignment and face delivery using high speed camera use. All changes are backed up using the Capto putting system that gives a 3 dimensional look into your stroke dynamics.

CAPTO Performance Putt Sessions

2 hours: $400.00

This session is more than your average putting session. We will take a deeper look into performance by focusing on the 3 elements of being a great putter. The session will involve course psychology, through to buildings a winning and repeatable routine including practice methods to encourage peak performance.