The Altus Anywhere program is designed to help us overcome two of our greatest obstacles in supporting your continued development: time and proximity.

The following offerings provide us with the necessary tools to extend our reach for 1/ out-of-town clients unable to see us for regular in-person sessions and 2/ in-town clients who desire more support along with frequent check-ups between sessions.

Rather than leave a session and be on your own until we can meet again, Altus Anywhere allows us to offer greater access to a full array of coaching tools and maintain uninterrupted forward momentem towards your goals.


Rate: $99.00

Upload a down-the-line and face-on swing to CoachNow and within 72hrs receive a voice-over swing analysis or video demonstration from your chosen coach.


Rate: $299.00

Upload swing videos for analysis and get on-going feedback on your progress with 24/7 access to your chosen coach (priority response time of <48hrs for monthly and annual passes). The monthly subscription fee is automatically invoiced at the first of the month.


Rate: $2950.00

Have full access to your coach all year long—coaching services can include regular swing analysis and on-going feedback. The annual fee is invoiced in advance with limited spots remaining for each coach.


Rate: $1499.00

All the services that a client would need to help navigate the college recruiting process, including the
services listed below and more:

1/ Annual Remote College Placement Consultation
2/ Develop a college golf resume
3/ Generate a college programs ‘Best Fit’ list
4/ Coach Introduction email templates
5/ Instructions on providing swing videos
6/ Outline of best ways to communicate with coaches, including phone scripts