About Mark

Mark Govier is one of the country’s top coaches he has had a record of success developing the games of golfers of all abilities from the complete beginner through to elite performers at both amateur and professional level.

He has taught elite players from county international and professional including European tour and Ladies European Tour Players. Marks philosophy has never changed – coach to the individual, everyone is different from goals & ability through to times scales and physical abilities. It’s through this approach he has had incredible success with his pupils and marks friendly and enthusiastic approach has seen him become one of the most in demand coaches with all golfers with particular demand with elite players.

Mark’s knowledge of the golf swing is exceptional. However, he also has the ability to take a holistic approach to the game and an understanding that there is more to performing than just the technical game. Over the years he has worked alongside some of the best experts in their field which means Mark is always learning and improving. Mark believes that he must always stay ahead of the player and when dealing with ambitious players like internationals and professionals this means constant learning is key, and this is what Mark has done and continues to do every year!

Mark has now started his own Coaching Academy at Machynys Peninsula, the ‘Mark Govier Elite Golf Coach Academy’, with a Team of PGA Professionals coaching to Mark’s philosophy and method to give a quality and consistent approach to development.

Can't get out for a lesson?

For all those golfers out there who may not have time to come and see me, you can send me 2 videos of your swing face on and down the line and I will send you a detailed lesson report straight to your mobile phone.

Mark will always give 100% to each and every pupil he teaches. Whatever level you’re at, if your serious about getting better at golf then Mark is the man to take your game to the next level.

Cerith Leighton Watkins

As a result of the changes Mark made I added significant distance with all my clubs and gained the control I needed to improve.

Natasha Gobey

Mark has a very professional and enthusiastic approach to tuition which lends itself to a positive approach to swing development.

Simon Musgrave

Mark has been a big influence on my golfing development and we have worked hard on the basic fundamentals which have proved vital to the progression, understanding and improvement of my swing.

Hari Pachu